Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Muscle Memory Magazine doesn’t just raise the visibility of your brand- it sells your products and services. It’s the only cost effective fitness and sports nutrition publication that is distributed free throughout Canada at point of purchase at all GNC store locations, with guaranteed exposure to supplement consumers, thus reinforcing their buying decisions at store level. In addition to our national newsstand distribution through Chapters Indigo. We offer a multiplatform advertising approach to assist your company in delivering its marketing and brand messaging to our targeted audience.

Magazine Advertising:

As an advertiser in Muscle Memory Magazine you join a group of like-minded businesses who are interested in seeing our fitness industry taken to the greater market place while keeping the values of excellence and striving for your fitness goals at heart. Take advantage of our captive, passionate and devoted fitness audience by utilizing a variety of effective in-book marketing vehicles to promote your brand and products. We look forward to getting to know your business better and serving you in all of your marketing, promotional, and editorial needs.

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