Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Muscle Memory Magazine has a nationwide newsstand distribution across Canada. It is offered in all GNC stores and is provided to customers, FREE of charge at point of purchase. Add this to the large number of fitness events that we attend to distribute our magazine, along with our subscriber base and you have a valuable marketing tool.

1. We strive to provide tangible tools a reader can use instantly, whether it’s a weight-training routine, meal plan; supplement stack or fitness-related tip.

2. Our readers are serious about training and nutrition. — We provide expert advice for readers because they have made a commitment to themselves to adhere to a fitness lifestyle, and thus they need the latest relevant expert driven information geared toward them.

3. Through powerful imagery of sculpted physiques that capture the essence of vitality, and via articles that deliver positive messages about the power of sport, exercise and healthy nutrition, the publication aims to motivate and inspire at every turn of the page. Muscle Memory Magazine is a destination for people who don’t just dream of a better body — they take action.

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