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Meet Bakhar Nabieva

“The most beautiful wheels you’ll ever see”.

When it comes to bodybuilding many individuals focus purely on the male end of the sport and with good reason. The individuals that inspire many bodybuilders to pack on muscle and become beasts are indeed of the male gender. It’s only natural that bodybuilding would be more of a male focused endeavor. There aren’t many women out there who are looking to put on massive muscle, but for a man the action of building up the physique is a far more natural thing. For a man it’s about being the alpha male, the one who not only appears the strongest, but is the strongest. But for those alpha males there are also alpha females, ones who maintain their femininity while at the same time having impressive muscle of their

Bakhar Nabieva is one of those females.

To say that Bakhar Nabieva is a beauty would be a true understatement. But what’s most impressive about her is her desire to be athletic. But not in the vein of a model with a slim physique and minimal muscle tone. Bakhar Nabieva has goals that are far loftier than that. This alpha female wants to have a body that is superior to other women by building an impressive physical form.

With Tom Platz being this woman’s mentor it’s easy to imagine what her favorite body part is. Nabieva has a powerful set of legs that are well muscled with some great definition. While at first that may sound a bit undesirable, to see the beauty in all her glory is truly a sight to behold. It’s easy to see why she has an Instagram following of 1.4 million.




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