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IFBB & NPC Split Finally Explained

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Ever since the NPC and the IFBB (amateur to be specific) announced they will be splitting apart, people were confused as to what this really meant. Some people didn’t even realize the distinction between IFBB pro and IFBB – two separately operated entities that worked together across the globe. This is no longer the case and many international competitors were shocked and confused wondering how they would be able to obtain a pro card and aim to compete at the Mr. Olympia. Jim Manion breaks down into exact details finally putting an end to all of the rumors and speculation on the current state and future of the IFBB Pro and NPC. International competitors will indeed be able to qualify for the IFBB Pro through a new series of Amateur Open competitions. Also for the first time ever – competitors who are in America with a green card can now compete in the NPC without seeking permission from the IFBB Amateur league. And this is only the beginning! Check out the full interview above and all of your questions will be answered.

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