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IFBB Pro Mboya Edwards

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IFBB Pro Mboya Edwards is one of Canada’s top pro bodybuilders with an impressive list of accomplishments to his credit. As a youngster, Mboya was fascinated by the exaggerated physiques of comic book superheroes. He got hooked on bodybuilding when he saw Flex Wheeler on the cover of a major magazine. He began training in 1994 and entered his first contest in 1996 where he won the lightweight class. He has been competing ever since, and has racked up numerous titles including five Canadian Championships in three different weight classes and earned his IFBB Pro card in 2008.


As well as being an accomplished professional athlete, he is also a full time employee with the Toronto District School Board, working in the Safe Schools program. Mboya is a Behavioral Consultant in the Suspension Program sector of the Board, working with junior intermediate students. He helps these youths to stay on task with their academics while on suspension, as well as teach them strategies to cope with their individual issues such as anger management peer interaction, peer pressure, self-esteem etc. “The whole idea is to make these youths aware of the fact that these behaviors are affecting their school life and that it can ultimately affect their future endeavours.” says Mboya. He has used bodybuilding, his training and dedication to the sport as a way to connect with his students on a deeper level. He has been able to educate them on the importance of school, and helped them to appreciate the power of hard work and discipline, not only in school, but in life.




2000 Canadian Championships- 1st welterweight

2001 North American Championships- welterweight runner-up Champion

2002 Canadian Championships- 1st middleweight

2003 Canadian Championships- 2nd middleweight

2005 Canadian Championships- 2nd light-heavyweight

2006 Canadian Championships- 1st light-heavyweight

2007 Canadian Championships- 1st light-heavyweight

2008 Canadian Championships- 1st light-heavyweight; IFBB Pro Card

2009 Europa Super Show Texas – 12th 202 class: International Debut

2010 Europa Super Show Texas – 4th 202 class

2011 New York Pro Championships – 15th 202

2011 Toronto Pro Super Show – 2nd 202 class; Qualified for Mr. Olympia

2011 Mr. Olympia – 12th 202 class

2012 New York Pro – 6th 212 class

2012 Toronto Pro – 3rd 212 class


2013 IFBB New York Pro   9th 202 class

2013 IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow 4th 202 class

2014 IFBB Europa Dallas 2nd 202 class

2014 IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow   5th     202 class

2014 IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro   4th 202 class

2014 IFBB Olympia Weekend 13th 202 class

2015 IFBB New York Pro 8th 202 class

2015 IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow 4th 202 class

2015 IFBB Wings of Strength PBW Tampa Pro 8th 202 class


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