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Let’s start things of by making one thing clear—none of these success stories would be remotely possible without a complete lifestyle change. It is not about making small changes here and there—if you want real results, everything about your life has to change.



At the age of 24, Bailey Holmes has already achieved a remarkable transformation and become a successful Figure athlete. In all, she lost a total of 85 pounds; the first 60 were gradual, and then upon committing to competing in a fitness event, the last 25 followed.
“I’d always played a lot of competitive sports like volleyball, soccer and swimming,” says Bailey. “I never had to watch my diet.” Unfortunately, it was playing volleyball one day at The University of Guelph where Bailey suffered an ankle sprain – or so she was told. Bailey knew from the level of pain it was something more serious, and it kept her from sports for a full year. Ultimately, it turned out to be a full breakage, and soon Bailey shot up to 210 pounds from the inactivity.
“Not playing all my usual sports was the main reason for the weight gain,” she says. Although it was a year of healing, eventually her ankle returned to a healthy state. Since she could be mobile again, Bailey decided to commit to getting back in shape.
“I grew tired of being unhappy,” says Bailey. “I felt blessed I had healed, and thought I should take advantage of my health again. When you consider all the people permanently disabled, I felt I had no right to take my health for granted.”
From 2013 to 2015, Bailey dropped to 150 pounds, and for competition she got herself into sleek shape at 125 pounds. With the help of coach Henderson Thorne, she competed at the 2016 Barrie Naturals (Figure) and her career was born. Recently, Bailey won her second competition, the 2017 Cobourg Naturals (Figure), for which she trained hard for 14 weeks.
Bailey intends to compete again this fall at the Provincial Naturals in London and to get certified as a Canfit Personal Trainer next year.

[Sidebar: The Book on Bailey]

Age: 24
Birthplace: Simcoe, Ontario
Residence: Bancroft, Ontario
Height: 5 foot 5
Transformation: Lost 85 pounds
Weight (Off-Season): 135
Weight (Competition): 125
Occupation: Water Well Driller
Favourite Muscle Group: Shoulders
Favourite Cheat Meal: Pizza



She’s only 21, but she’s already experienced a substantial transformation of 80 pounds. Meaghan Woolley is a native of northern Ontario, but now calls Waterloo home as she’s a fourth-year Kinesiology student at U of W. Meaghanattributes the impetus for her success to her Health Sciences courses.

“I was overweight most of my life,” says Meaghan. “But when I began my Health Sciences courses, I felt like every professor in every class was speaking directly to me about being active and eating healthy.”

In her second year, Meaghan undertook a co-op assignment in North Bay at a facility for people with disabilities. “I realized, if I’m going to be in the health field, I’m going to have to ‘practice what I preach’.” She then purchased a gym membership and hired a personal trainer upon peaking at 210 pounds. This commitment effectively “changed my life”, according to Meaghan. Her trainer Justin Landry did an “amazing” job of launching her path to fitness. Once the co-op was over, she returned to Waterloo.

“I began to train myself,” says Meaghan. “I saw pictures of people at the Toronto Pro Supershow. I knew someone competing, plus seeing everything from the show culminated in me wanting instantly right then to be on stage.”

Meaghan found new coaches online, with whom she shares the credit for her ultimate success. Elite Physique founders Dan and Michelle Kennedy worked with Meaghan starting in November, improving both her performance and nutrition. Meaghan set foot on-stage at the Stephanie Worsfold Classic in London on May 13 and placed fourth in the Bikini Medium category.
“I literally used to sit outside the gym and cry, because I didn’t know what I was doing,” says Meaghan. She certainly does now.Meaghan is considering taking the remainder of the year off from competition, then coming back hard at the Provincials in 2018.

[Sidebar: Magnificent Meaghan]

Age: 21

Birthplace: Temiskaming Shores, Ontario

Residence: Waterloo, Ontario

Height: 5 foot 6

Transformation: Lost 80 pounds

Weight (Off-Season): 135

Weight (Competition): 128

Occupation: Student

Favourite Muscle Groups: Shoulders and Chest

Favourite Cheat Meal: Chinese Food

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