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Say Three Hail Mary’s

The Modern day burger has been resurrected!


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Cheat day is the most sacred of rituals. It’s that one day when you kiss your diet goodbye and indulge in “whatever” your heart desires.

Here are the best burgers in Toronto.

The best burgers in Toronto can be found at a motley crew of restaurants, from old school burger shacks to steakhouses to sprawling chains and pubs. These places couldn’t be more different, but they all have one thing in common: a killer recipe for a juicy burger.



#1 Burger’s Priest

There’s a reason why Burger’s Priest outposts are popping up all across the GTA. These praiseworthy burgers are flavour-popping, griddle-smashed patties of beef, while the limited combinations of toppings stay true to what a burger should be, making the whole more than a sum of its parts.

Overall, our verdict is that The Burger’s Priest really does make much better than average burgers and they are different from anything I’ve found in Toronto. Firm up the fries; add some milkshakes and I’ll be coming back regularly for more.



#2 Holy Chuck Burgers


Holy Chuck is another thriving burger business born in Toronto known for its rolled patties that are made hourly from high quality steak. The menu here is expansive, listing over two dozen signature burgers, one more extreme then the next. Here you can Go Cluck Yourself with a six patty, six cheese, triple bacon monster.


#3 Burger Shack

This old school burger joint on Eglinton isn’t fancy but its burgers are brimming with charbroiled flavours of well-seasoned grill. These juicy, flame-licked burgers are so good they need nothing more than a fresh bun, and a standard array of toppings.


Share your favorite cheat day restaurants, tips, and pics of some of your favorite meals, eats, and treats. #MMCheatDayEats or email us!


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