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What’s In Your Gym Bag?


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Tailored for your life. To the gym, to the office, on the weekend. Hang it anywhere and the unique drop front design opens for easy packing + organizing + accessing your gear. A molded internal shell gives the bag it’s unique shape whether empty or full and protects all your gear. Durable, DWR treated work wear loomed canvas has been used to build this pack. Leather straps that contour to your body over time.



 Mammoth Mug

When they say mug, what they really mean is a GIANT JUG. The Mammoth Mug is for the serious fitness enthusiast that is trying to keep hydrated and can hold up to .5 liters of liquid, for all of your sports performance, or general hydration needs. Mammoth Mug offers key features to help your fitness journey.



ManCave Natural Deodorant  

Deodorant seems like a no-brainer for any gym bag, which means it’s the easiest item to forget to pack.



Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Nothing can more quickly ruin a workout than a low-quality pair of ear buds. This wireless pair from JayBird headphones fit securely on your ear, have a sweat-proof warranty, and offers eight hours of battery life.




If you workout intensely or for long periods of time, FitAID is the drink for you. It was created very thoughtfully to provide the body the nutrients it needs for fitness performance and recovery. It’s even made with all natural ingredients! Set aside your old sports beverage and make room for FitAID, you’ll thank us later.





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