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Meet Derwin a.k.a “HOLLYWOOD” Phillips

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Photography by Dave Laus


Derwin Phillips is a professional Actor based out of Toronto Canada hence the nickname “Hollywood” given to him by his peers. Derwin has had the pleasure of working alongside many A list celebrities in the movies and TV shows he’s appeared in.

To be a leading man in demand, you need to be in optimum condition and able to lean down at the drop of a dime if a role comes knocking. When Derwin needs to lean out (to be more the Hollywood heartthrob), he’ll superset his workouts and train his whole body in one intense session designed to burn more calories to speed up his fat loss.



Superset: 1


Start: Step up and grasp bar with overhand shoulder width grip.

Execution: Pull body up until elbows are to sides. Lower body until arms and shoulders are fully extended. Repeat.



Standing barbell Curls

Start: Grasp bar with shoulder width underhand grip.

Execution: With elbows to side, raise bar until forearms are vertical. Lower until arms are fully extended. Repeat.



Tricep Pushdowns

Start: Face high pulley and grasp cable attachment with narrow overhand grip. Position elbows to side.

Execution: Extend arms down. Return until forearm is close to upper arm. Repeat.



Superset: 2

Twisted Wall Ball Slams

Start: Standing perpendicular to a wall about three feet away with your feet at least shoulder-width apart if not wider.

Execution: With a medicine ball, and your feet firmly planted in the ground, you twist your torso forcefully towards the wall and launch the medicine ball into it, with enough force that it bounces back to you whereby you catch it and relaunch it. Switch sides and repeat.



Incline Dumbbell Press

Start: Sit down on incline bench and dumbbells resting on thigh. Lie back with dumbbells. Position dumbbells to sides of chest with bent arm under each dumbbell.

Execution: Press dumbbells up until arms are extended. Lower weight to sides of chest until slight stretch is felt in chest. Repeat.



Dumbell Side Lateral Raises

Start: Grasp dumbbells in both hands. Position dumbbells at the side of upper legs with elbows slightly bent.

Execution: Raise both dumbbells upward until upper arms is horizontal to the shoulders. Lower and repeat.



Superset: 3

Barbell Squats

Start: From rack with barbell upper chest height, position barbell on back of shoulders and grasp bar to dismount from rack.

Execution: Squat down by bending hips back while allowing knees to bend forward, keeping back straight and knees pointed same direction as feet. Descend until knees and hips are fully bent. Extend knees and hips until legs are straight. Return and repeat.



Hanging Side Oblique Crunches

Start: Step up and grasp bar with overhand shoulder width grip.

Execution: Pull lower legs up and over to one side by flexing and twisting waist and pelvis. Return and repeat movement to opposite side. Continue alternating between sides.




Skipping (Heavy Rope) for 15 mins

Try a weighted rope to increase both cardiovascular & upper-body strength during a workout.



Pull-Ups 2/8-10 3/10-12 4/12-15
Barbell Curls 2/8-10 3/10-12 4/12-15
Triceps Pushdowns 2/8-10 3/10-12 4/12-15
Twisted Wall Ball Slams 2/8-10 3/10-12 4/12-15
Incline Dumbbell Press 2/8-10 3/10-12 4/12-15
Dumbbell side lateral Raises 2/8-10 3/10-12 4/12-15
Barbell Squats 2/8-10 3/10-12 4/12-15
Hanging Side Oblique Crunches 2/8-10 3/10-12 4/12-15

REST: 1 min


To follow Derwins acting go to his IMDB page   or follow him on instagram @derwinphillips.


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