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Staying Motivated

7 Ways to Stay Motivated and break the cycle of negativity

By Editors


Stop and think about it! What motivates you? Why are you doing this? The tightly controlled eating, the ‘saying no’ to the foods you love, the tough training sessions, (anyone want more… Hack Squats?), hours upon hours doing cardio and the always challenging interval workouts?

Obviously you’re doing this for a reason right. That reason being that you want to get in better shape, compete, look better, feel better, and win!

That goal certainly doesn’t change I’m sure so why does motivation sometimes start to dwindle? Is it lack of progress? In some cases sure. But stop and look back to when you started on this endeavor.
I’m sure you look and feel quite different. Chances are you’re also stronger. So, it can’t really be a lack of progress can it?

To be honest, motivation is really a pretty simple thing to maintain. All you have to do is hold onto WHY you’re doing what you’re doing. And when I say ‘hold onto’ I mean keep it at the front of your thinking. It should be driving you. Remind yourself. Constantly. The more often, the better.

Motivation is an attitude, not a feeling. I previously read a neat quote on motivation that said, “your level of motivation is basically the habit of positivity and that habit, like all others is created by repetition, in this case, repetition of thought.”

So, you have to think about what you’re trying to achieve. You have to think about what you used to look like, what you look like now, what you want to look like in the future, and how you’ll feel when you achieve the look you’re after. And as that quote says, do it often!


1. Clarify your goals

Nothing is more demotivating than working haphazardly without having a clear vision, mission and set of objectives.

2. Establish a clear game-plan for achieving your goals

Once you have clarified your vision and goals, formulate a detailed strategy for getting there and chart your progress on a regular and ongoing basis.

3. Ride the Wave of your Successes

Success is very stimulating. Work hard enough to achieve successful results and see how motivated you are to achieve further successes as you excel in reaching your goals.

4. Reward yourself

Reward yourself as you achieve your objectives and/or reach specific important milestones. Plan ahead what forms this reward will take and what tasks/results will be rewarded.

5. Keep Things in Perspective

It is important to keep things in perspective and always remind yourself of what you’re working towards. It is often about realizing your potential, feeling alive and expanding your skills and abilities.

6. Maintain a healthy life balance life

It is very easy to lose yourself in the mists of your goals and forget what awaits you outside of your tunnel vision. Maintaining a healthy life balance is essential both for your general motivation level and your overall wellbeing.

7. Think positive

Negativity is a contagious affliction that drains you of energy, slows you down, saps your enthusiasm and blinds you to the reasons you work so hard. Avoid negative feelings at all costs and concentrate on the positive.

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