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Improve Your Sweatitude

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How about this for an incentive: Just by walking a little more every day, you can shrink your waist in 12 weeks. When formerly sedentary women consistently tallied a weekly average of 470 steps more a day — that’s about a five-minute walk — than they had the week before, they lost a quarter inch from their waistlines without dieting. Whether you have a lot of weight to shed or a certain distance to run, break up your goal into smaller units, suggests trainer Tracey Mallett, creator of the Lose the Belly Flab DVD. Little victories, like dropping a pound a week or running an extra minute without stopping, will fuel your momentum. What are you waiting for? Throw on your Reeboks and walk up a sweat!

IF you Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail

Goal setting is a powerful catalyst for success and will provide a huge payoff with only a minor time investment. If you are ready to take your training to the next level and want potent techniques to bring about noticeable progress, here are a few tips to follow:


To be effective, goals need to be:

  • Realistic:  By setting goals that are unrealistic (i.e. putting 50 pounds on your bench in two weeks), you will tend to only demotivate yourself and crush your drive.
  • Have measurable outcomes: Without a concise objective, how can one really tell that they have reached their destination. Tying a measurable outcome to your goal is also vital.
  • Have a time limit in which they need to be accomplished: Without a time limit goals are meaningless. Putting a deadline on a goal adds a sense of urgency to your task. An impending deadline is your best motivator for success.


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psychological! Most of the time when you skip a workout or quit your program it is because you were downright lazy. Exercise patterns are highly seasonal. Activity in the winter and autumn months falls to half in the summer months.


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