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Fat Loss

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High Intensity Sprinting vs. Jogging
Recent studies have shown that high intensity sprints offer a more effective way to lose fat and tone the physique. Experts say that by doing 4 to 6 short sprints that are no longer than 30 seconds it can actually burn twice the body fat than jogging 3 times a week. Sprinting also taps into EPOC (also called the “after-burn effect”) which is the ultimate for revving up your metabolism because it forces your metabolism to increase in order to recover the lack of oxygen and to recover to its resting state. EPOC stands for Excessive Post-Exercise Consumption and it’s when your body burns a greater number of calories after strenuous exercise, just like what happens after a high intensity sprint workout!


Dieter’s Dilemma

Being hungry sucks. Whether you’re prepping for a figure competition, cutting to a lower weight class, or leaning out for beach season is irrelevant. You’re dieting, you’re hungry, and you want to eat…a lot. With only a couple hundred calories left to spare in your daily quota you find yourself walking back and forth from the refrigerator, on the hunt for a satiating and at least semi-decent tasting snack. This goes on for 15-30 minutes before you:

  • Chug water and get out of the kitchen ASAP
  • Eat an entire head of lettuce while trying to convince yourself that it tastes like General Tso’s Chicken, or
  • Say “f*** it” and eat the whole tub of Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream which you were supposed to be saving for your next “cheat meal.”

The answer: Eat more Protein!

Higher protein intakes are extraordinarily important and can be tremendously advantageous while dieting. From its ability to spare muscle, to its high thermic effect, to its capacity to blunt hunger, protein is the Chuck Norris of macros. Make protein a priority!


Loss of libido in Female Fitness Competitors

Why is it common? Three reasons:


  1. Sudden rise in training volume with no gradual increase

6 fasting state cardio workouts a week , plus 6 lifting workouts, plus 2 gymnastics sessions, 4 posing sessions. Fitness competitors typically just jack the volume up literally overnight, leaving the body no time to adapt, hence the thyroid and the adrenals quit.

  1. Excessive cardio

Mainly the steady state cardio. The better option is to do interval training. Yet still too much of it can also cause damage. Diet is more important for leaning than jacking up the volume. The diet has to be individualized and properly cycled to prevent adrenal problems. Unhealthy adrenals equals no sex drive, particularly in females.

  1. Mineral depletion.

The excessive mineral loss from sweating depletes the building blocks of the primary sex drive hormone: DHEA. When you sweat a lot, magnesium and zinc plummet. Add to that the low saturated fat diet, and of course, you won’t have any sex drive.

Want to keep your sex drive while getting ready for a show?

  1. Increase your training volume slowly.
  2. Stick to proper energy system training. Interval training wins over steady state cardio.
  3. Nutritionally support your DHEA production by monitoring your mineral status. Measure your red blood cell zinc and magnesium status.

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