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Edith Werbel Kicks Butt

By Editors

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Your butt – a.k.a. tush, ass, derriere, caboose, unit, booty, moneymaker, hiney, bum, arse, or fanny. We all have one, so how can you get it in top shape?


We enlisted the advice of Edith Werbel, personal trainer, online fitness personality, fitness model, blogger and competitor. Of the 14 competitions she’s competed in, she’s taken the top spot 10 times. She clearly knows a thing or two about getting into shape but her pride and joy comes from her knowledge on how to develop the posterior chain. She helps her clients maximize their backsides and has offered up some of her backend secrets here for you to get your own beautiful and powerful glutes. Originally from Australia, she now calls Toronto home.


The following workout includes some of her tried, trusted, and true booty-burners and builders.

Edith’s work out

Donkey kick to fire hydrant activation 10 reps/ 2 sets
Single leg deficit hip thrusts bodyweight 10 to 15 reps each leg/ 4 sets
Lateral band walks with in/ out jumps elastic 10 steps in each direction, 10 jumps/ 2 sets
Forward abduction band walks with back and forth jumps elastic 10 steps forward, 10 jumps/ 2 sets
Explosive land mine squats Olympic bar 10 to 15 reps / 4 sets

If done correctly, with fully-recruited glutes, this workout is intense and shouldn’t be done more than twice a week. The most important exercise here — albeit the most boring—is the activation exercise. Don’t be tempted to skip it! So many people suffer from dormant glutes and I believe appropriate activations and recruitment are the keys to my success in this area.


From all fours kick up bent leg towards the ceiling then swing it around as if to pee on a fire hydrant. Keep hips flat and stable and don’t allow a dip to the side. Do 10 reps on each side for 2 sets.



Position 2 Place benches an appropriate distance apart so the bra line is resting along the edge of one and one heel on the other with knees bent at 90 degrees. Leave one leg elevated. Pushing through the heel thrust hips as high as possible in the air. Do 4 sets of 10 to 15 reps.


TIP: Once 15 reps becomes easy, you can add resistance to this by holding one dumbbell over the working side hip.



Place a mini band around ankles. Take 10 lateral steps in one direction pulling band as taut as possible and pulling from the hips. Take 10 steps back to return to starting position. Then jump both feet out and back for 10 reps. That’s one set, repeat for 3.



With band still around ankles stretch it to it’s maximum and maintain while taking 10 steps forward. After 10 steps keep the band stretched and jump back and forth for 10. That’s one set. Repeat for 3.


TIP: If you don’t have access to these mini bands, you can replicate it with regular bands by placing it under both feet and crossing over the elastic in front of legs creating an “X”.



Position Olympic bar into landmine anchor. Cusp end of bar in both hands in front of face, get into a deep squat in a slightly moderately-wide stance and explosively burst up onto toes, extending arms overhead and slightly leaning into the bar. Likewise explosively drop back into the squat, allowing the glutes to put on the brakes hard at the bottom position. Do 10 to 15 reps for 4 sets.

TIP: Don’t forget to stretch! This is an intense glute workout and very tight glutes can create a whole host of problems—I learned the hard way. My favourite glutes stretch is the pigeon.

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