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Could there be any better way to introduce you to a super-charged, full-body workout than to have a lifelong competitive cheerleader drill you through the movements? Kyla Ritchie puts a serious charge into working out your entire body with high reps, short rest periods – and no machines required.

Since the age of 5, Kyla Ritchie has been a competitive cheerleading athlete. It was a natural progression, therefore, that in her adult life she would progress into a fitness careerin personal training. The 29-year-old bundle of energy remains petite in stature (at a beautifully toned 5 feet and 105 pounds) and is the driving force behind a successful training operation she launched via Instagram.

“I’d been going to the gym for a long time for gymnastics in high school and university, and I was always very passionate about a career in fitness,” Kyla says. The graduate of The University of Western Ontario became certified as a personal trainer and took her operation live in March, 2016. “I began by designing training and nutrition programs for clients, and as the business grew I developed specialized eight and twelve-week programs.”

Kyla’s clientele caught fire. She quickly gained a legion of trainees both in Canada and The United States and developed a knack for showing them how to train in different settings, such as business people or vacation-goers looking to maintain their fitness while travelling. As her Instagram page grew in popularity and the testimonials began to pour in, she garnered sponsorships with REVIV Canada and more recently SHREDZ supplements.

The plan for Kyla is to continue expanding her operation. She recently travelled to Atlanta to earn a few more training specialization credentials, such as training pre- and post-natal women. With such a burning passion for fitness and the high-octane energy she naturally exudes, we present you Kyla Ritchie guiding you through a full-body workout that’ll grow muscles and burn fat in a super-charged way!


Step by Step

Exercise Descriptions


Muscles Worked: Legs, Glutes, Chest, Triceps

Setup: Grasp a weight plate at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock respectively, then stand tall with back straight and feet shoulder-width apart.Keep your head level and hold the plate in front of you with arms extended.

Action: Bring the plate up to the level of your upper chest, then squat down to the point where your quads are almost parallel to the floor. In this bottom position, press the plate outward by extending your arms, and pause for half a second. Bring the plate back into your chest, then raise out of the squat back to the start.


Muscles Worked: Legs, Glutes

Setup: Grasp a kettlebell with an overhand grip in one arm and raise it above your head with arm fully extended. Stand straight and place your feet together, making sure to keep your head level. Place your other arm on your hip for stability.

Action: Lunge forward with the same-side leg as the arm that’s supporting the kettlebell. Stop the lunge when your quad is parallel to the floor. Make sure your back remains completely straight, your head up, and your working arm is fully extended during the motion. Pause for half a second, then press your front foot to extend your leg and raise back to the start.



Muscles Worked: Shoulders, Back, Arms

Setup: Grasp the handles of two battle ropes, using a neutral grip in each hand. Hold one hand high, and the other low. Stand tall, then lean forward from your hips about 45 degrees and bend your knees also 45 degrees. Separate your feet to about shoulder width.

Action: Keep your body anchored as your arms will be conducting the action. Simply drop your high hand to the low position while you simultaneously raise your low hand to the high position. Keep a steady rhythm and preserve the angle of your grips while the rest of your body remains fixed in position.


Muscles Worked: Shoulders (especially Middle)

Start: Grasp a dumbbell in each hand using a neutral grip and stand tall with feet about shoulder-width apart. Bring the weights up to the level of your upper chest and hold them vertically. Your upper arm will be immediately adjacent to your side to begin.

Action: Using force from your middle delts in particular, rotate your arms outward until the dumbbells have reached a horizontal plane, parallel to the floor. Although the weights will travel a short range of motion, your upper arms will have swung outwardfrom your body 90 degrees. Hold for a full second, then return the weights to the start.



Muscles Worked: Biceps

Start: Grasp a dumbbell in each hand using a neutral grip and stand tall. Keep your chin up, back straight and legs spread no wider than shoulder width. Let the weights be supported by your fully extended arms.

Action: Curl both the weights upward in front on you for a range of motion of about 120 degrees. Preserve the neutral angle in your grips during the action and make sure to keep all other body parts motionless. In the top position, hold for a half-second to break momentum, then lower back to the start.


Start: Position yourself on the floor facing up, supported only by your feet, upper back and head. Bend your knees such that your calves are perpendicular to the floor while the rest of your body is in a decline from your knees to your head. Extend your arms and keep them flat on the floor in front of you.

Action: In this movement you work one leg at a time. Simply draw your working leg inward such that your knee moves in an arcing path toward your head, keeping the rest of your body steady. In the top position you’ll have created a 90-degree angle at your hips while preserving the 90-degree angle at your working knee. Hold in the top position for a full second, then return your leg to the start.



Age: 29
Height: 5 foot 0
Weight: 105 pounds (constant)
Hometown: Barrie, Ontario
Resides: Toronto, Ontario
University: Western Ontario
Major: Criminology
Occupation: Personal Trainer / Fitness Consultant
Favourite Muscle Group: Abs
Favourite Cheat Meal: Sushi
Instagram: kyritchfit

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