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Wearable Fitness Devices

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It’s a shirt; it’s a headband — no! It’s your new fitness tracker. Wearable devices collect personal data of all kinds and are part of the “health care everywhere” demand. So get ready! Evolving high-tech gear is here for your every need.


Clothes Call

If you were excited about shirts and socks that wick perspiration, you’re going to love this. These wardrobe basics are getting a fitness tracker makeover.


The Sensoria Fitness sock’s

(washable!) sensors on the sock transmit data that sends real-time info to a Smartphone app. That means you can change your speed, distance, and cadence in the moment. It even determines how you’re distributing weight on your feet based on your steps. The high-tech socks aim to identify whether your running style may lead to injury. The app then coaches you to improve.


The Melon headband

is a “mind-reading device. Melon’s brainwave monitoring (EEG) headband listens to the electrical activity naturally given off by your brain. Using Bluetooth 4.0LE, Melon wirelessly connects to your phone to help you track and train the mental state of focus. Why? To let you know how well you’re focusing. If you’re zoned out, it suggests how to get back on track. Beam me up Scotty!


Super Scales

Think your bathroom scale is all about your weight? Not anymore. EatSmart, Escali, FitBit, and Withings are among the companies making scales that calculate your body fat. They work by sending a harmless pulse of electricity through your body to measure body fat and lean tissue. Some devices will even post data to your account on their web site, where you can follow your weight and fat loss goals over time.


Change of Heart

Tired of strapping on that heart rate monitor? No problem! Many new wearables include a heart rate feature. The Amiigo Bracelet, equipped with advanced motion sensors. The Amiigo wristband records upper body activity with the utmost accuracy — in a light-weight, comfortable package. Amiigo automatically recognizes each rep, lap or revolution while exercising. The more you use it, the smarter it gets.



Now, all you need to amp up your fitness game is an app to do your workout. Welcome to the future of fitness!

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