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Positively Prestin

By Jamie Shane


Miss Laura Prestin isn’t your average fitness model. Approached by multiple photographers and agencies at the young age of sixteen, she quickly landed full time work in the glamor industry within three short years. Naturally fit by nature and gifted with an athletic physique, her love of soccer, track and fitness eventually took over and shifted the focus of her work into fitness modeling.

Fifteen years later, this love hasn’t faded. As a matter of fact, her inherent appreciation for fitness led her to begin training others as well as taking a nursing degree. Prestin has made health and wellness her life’ s purpose. Based on holistic living and natural fitness, she hopes to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle without the use of harmful substances, drugs, synthetic supplements and or chemicals.

Her online fitness business, PrestinFit, features Laura’ s personal training and nutrition regimens which promote longevity, anti aging through a complete holistic approach, and education on how to live healthfully and naturally.



“For me, the decision to make the transition to holistic, organic, and substance-free living was primarily one of complete healing,” she says. “Growing up I was thin and malnourished, obviously vitamin and mineral deficient. I was unhealthy from consuming highly processed toxic foods, over-training and drinking alcohol to suppress the emotional damage I was carrying. After completely changing my lifestyle by going all organic, chemical-free, processing internal trauma and working very closely with naturopaths, medical doctors, Chinese medicine and natural medicine, I created PrestinFit.”

Seeing the positive changes in her own health showed her that she could indeed educate and motivate others who were in an unhealthy place. The result of working with people to positively impact their lives has kept her inspired to keep learning and improving.



In 2013, this quest led Laura to achieve her nursing degree. She originally chose this to get into anti-aging and medical aesthetics, but during clinical rotations, something altered her decision and sent her straight back to her original path in the fitness field.

“I started noticing that the medical field was trained to support the pharmaceutical companies, a very wealthy business,” she says. “Patients were getting sicker, and the root of their illness was only being masked. I started to see that the food and pharmaceutical companies were working hand in hand with one another, and nobody was getting any healthier.”

Laura chose not to practice nursing, but instead to integrate the knowledge she learned as a nurse with her experience in the fitness field. After experiencing so many facets of the fitness,

modeling, and medical fields, she feels that she has a bird’ s eye view of the big picture. And this can only help her to help others.

“I believe in telling the truth. Educating the public on health & fitness, and how to think for themselves instead of blindly trusting whatever these big companies say is the most liberating feeling for me in my own life process.”



Her educational platform on health and wellness includes more than just debunking the modern agro-pharma industry. She is also taking on the social media aspects of fitness. Prestin feels strongly that there is a very negative impact being felt throughout the fitness world from the use of social media as a fitness platform. She sees real problems when fitness is just looked at as an obsession of the physical appearance, creating a dilemma where self-worth is measured against false truths. Viewers following fitness ‘ leaders’ often do not know the extreme and harmful measures some are taking to get there. This can create negative influence. “I’ m here to tell you that you don’ t need to resort to dangerous methods such as corset training, extreme diets, or consuming harmful supplements and substances to achieve your goals,” she insists. “It’ s not about pumping our muscles up or downing harmful, synthetic products, but rather about building the body from the inside out. I want to teach people to heal their lifestyles through simple, yet effective, methods of achieving their fitness goals.”

PrestinFit is about being ready on all possible levels for the challenges life throws your way. Its main purpose is being fit mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. It’ s definitely not about these slang words being thrown around on social media like “working on your gains”. Focusing on a physical training system called “muscle shifting”, PrestinFit trains athletic performance with resistance training to enhance physical capability as well as physical aesthetic. Her nutritional aspect emphasizes eliminating toxic foods, intermittent fasting to naturally increase growth hormone and detoxification, as well as returning to a more natural cycle of eating. All of this helps to heal the body from the inside out, which is the very core of her work.



Laura is currently expanding her platform by launching a new At Home Body Weight Revolution program and a PrestinFit YouTube channel. These will both give the public an inside look of Laura’ s fitness lifestyle, as well as educating them on the various healthy fitness methods and nutritional principles that she has personally used to build a healthy physique.

“My journey has taken many twists and turns,” she says. “I’m a firm believer that you have to experience the bad in order to appreciate the good. You have to experience what you don’ t want, in order to understand what you do want. These things only make you stronger, wiser and allow you to grow as an individual. My personal experiences of healing are what inspire me to continue creating ways to educate and spread the word of natural health and fitness. It is my mission, through public speaking, fitness conventions and social media platforms, to reach everyone I can.”

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