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Perfect Trifecta

Eric McCallum – Proportion, Good looks & Charm


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It doesn’t take a cover model or a national level competitor to tell you how to build a symmetrical physique, but when Eric McCallum says arms are a vital component to an award-winning body, you tend to believe every word. Eric first competed in men’s natural bodybuilding, and then transitioned to the stage of men’s physique. His 4th place finish at the 2015 North American Championships in a hearty class of 50 elite competitors, is testimony to Eric’s ability to chisel his physique into the proportions of a pro.

“The hardest part about competing in anything is not losing, but how you overcome adversity.”

Our cover model winner leads us through an arm workout that’s sure to blast your biceps.

Follow him on Instagram @time.under.tension for updates and to see where his training is taking his model good looks to next.

Try Eric’s arms workout. Complete 4 sets of each exercise with 10 to 12 reps.


EZ Bar Curls

Standing EZ bar Curls is a great exercise for the biceps. One benefit of using the EZ bar is that it takes pressure off your wrists and allows you to focus on a harder contraction of the biceps.
Tips: Be mindful of the position of your shoulders and lower back.


Close Grip bench Presses
The close grip bench press turns the bench press from one of the best exercises for your chest into one of the best exercises for your triceps. Focus more on tricep contraction to move the weight rather than chest, and keep your elbows closer to the body.
Tip: Lifting with your hands too close together can put too much stress on your wrists.


Seated Alternate Dumbbell Curls

This exercise is very effective for the lower head of the biceps. It should be part of your regular biceps workouts routine. It’s an exercise that you can perform standing or seated. The seated version might be easier for beginners though.
Tip: To increase the level of difficulty, slow down the movement or use heavier dumbbells.


Rope Extensions

Rope Tricep Extension is an effective exercise for strengthening and developing the triceps.
The rope attachment will provide a more isolated contraction and intense burn for the triceps.
tip: Focus on moving the weight with your triceps, keeping control of the weight as you slowly lower the weight stack back to the starting position.


Dumbbell Hammer Curls

Dumbbell Hammer Curls is an auxiliary arm exercise that primarily develops the bicep brachii (bicep) and forearm (Brachioradialis).
Tip:Keep the elbows locked and close to your body through the whole hammer curl. If you find that when you are doing the hammer curl that your elbows are moving forward, lower your weight.

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