Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Guru Box

The gurubox is not just your ordinary supplement subscription box service, but promises to be a “Box of Awesome” right to your doorstep every month. Each month, our Express and Premium box members will receive top quality clothing, custom sized supplements and samples to determine which products work best to help reach their fitness goals. Our members will also receive products that they can use to optimize their workouts; tools that will inspire and assist to “ Elevate Your Pursuit of Fitness. “We partnered with Muscle Memory Athletics, a premium clothing line designed for those who walk the talk and put in hours at the gym , day in and day out, people that set goals, and want something they can identify with that represents their hard work. Muscle Memory Athletics is ‘For The Committed’. Discover what’s inside check it out (link to

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Muscle Memory Muscle Memory Magazine is a bi-monthly publication aimed at active men and women who are highly motivated in their quest to improve their fitness, health and lifestyle.Catering to the Lean, Extreme, & Everything In Between!

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