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Whey in Control

There’s no way around it: Being fit and active is in. From Instagram accounts dedicated to lifting videos and healthy meal plans to an upsurge of workout supplement companies taking over the internet, healthy is becoming cool. Listen up, ladies — protein powders won’t turn you into a man, no muscle ‘bulk’ or ‘stockiness. Curiously enough, with plenty of scientific evidence available, many women still believe that lifting weights and downing protein powders will make them bulky. “Beyond recovery, getting enough protein is essential for general day-to-day muscle maintenance, tissue repair, satiety and helps keep your metabolism moving. Remember that moderation is the key. Properly timed and sized portions of whey can help you to become your happiest, healthiest, most fit version of yourself. Toast to GAINZ!

Go on… dive in!

Whether you love a casual breaststroke in your local pool or acing butterfly in the Aquatics Centre, swimming can make serious waves when it comes to weight loss. ‘It’s not unreasonable to expect to burn 60 calories for every 10 minutes of breaststroke and up to 150 calories for 10 minutes of butterfly,’ says Aqua Sphere’s Fiona Walker ( ‘Calorie burning can be boosted by swimming in short bursts then resting – high-intensity training workouts can be adapted for the pool, too.’ So, jump in and reap the benefits of swimming this summer and get some serious weight-loss results?

Consistency is the Key

Being consistent does not mean being perfect. There are going to be days when you decide to do something other than stick to your exercise and diet routine, and that’s fine. We all overindulge at times but many of us use that as an excuse to quit. One mistake isn’t the end of the world and even if you fall of the wagon you can always get back on it. SO NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

Tip: Appreciate the small victories. 1 pound loss. One additional push-up. Holding a plank longer. A one quarter of an inch loss off of your wrist! It may be a small change to you, but it means PROGRESS!

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